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Gavin Merrifield

SRF role: Treasurer

Research Information Administrator, University of Glasgow

I have recently moved out of science-based research and I am currently involved in the delivery of open access policies and services for researchers across the University of Glasgow.

Before this my research activities were across a wide range of disciplines. I trained as a physicist but spent my research career working across the biological and biomedical sciences, including a PhD in brain imaging. I was particularly interested in the use of magnetic resonance imaging techniques in novel subjects such as invertebrates and fish.

During this time I also developed a strong interest in the interfaces of science with society and also religion, as well as public engagement with academia.

I am especially interested in the theological implications of new scientific discoveries and technological innovations on the life and practices of the Christian church. Currently my main interest in this regard is with potential new forms of intelligent and self-aware life such as extra-terrestrial or artificial intelligences.


University of Glasgow