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David Ashford

David Ashford is founder and managing director of Bristol Spaceplanes Limited, an innovative small company pioneering low-cost access to space. He graduated from Imperial College in aeronautical engineering and spent one year at Princeton doing post-graduate research on rocket motors. His first job, starting in 1961, was with the Hawker Siddeley Aviation spaceplane design team. He has since worked as an aerodynamicist, project engineer, and project manager on various aerospace projects, including the DC-8, DC-10, Concorde, the Skylark sounding rocket, and various naval missile and electronic warfare systems at Douglas Aircraft and at what is now BAE Systems. He co-authored with Prof. Patrick Collins the first serious book on space tourism Your Spaceflight Manual – How You Could be a Tourist in Space Within Twenty Years (Headline, 1990), and wrote a follow-up book Spaceflight Revolution (Imperial College Press, 2002). His most recent book, Space Exploration: All That Matters, was published by Hodder in 2013. He has published about twenty papers on space transportation in the professional press. He is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and is a Rolt Fellow at the Centre for the History of Technology at the University of Bath.

Christianity and The Singularity

Birmingham 2016

‘The Singularity’, ‘Transhumanism’ and ‘Immortalism’ are terms in increasing use to refer to what might happen if and when the human race finds out enough about the inner workings of the body and mind to be able to re-engineer itself into a more advanced life form. This paper explores how and when this might happen and then how Christianity might react to this transforming development. The main conclusions are that we might come to understand God much better than we do now, and that the life and teachings of Jesus Christ are miraculously relevant to developments that were unimaginable in His day.