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Ken Freeman

Models of Reality—My search for Meaning

Birmingham 2016

In 1940, during the blackout, I looked at the stars and questioned my existence. Now 84, I look back on a lifelong search for meaning. It began in earnest with the study of Mathematical Physics. Models of quantum theory left me dissatisfied by superficial answers. A 36-year research career concerned in colour television display and satellite broadcasting followed, involving design, description and analysis of valve and semi-conductor circuits using communication theory, mathematics (Laplace transforms!), computer modelling and understanding the nature of colour and its measurement. Subsequently, I now also think about my Christian beliefs and my human physiology, particularly my brain. In all these processes, I have come to realise that human curiosity and search for meaning, which start at birth, lead us, individually and collectively, to create models of reality, which we revise (or should do) as we gain knowledge and understanding.